Honest Review on Cheap Fashion From SHEIN

I’ve heard so many mixed reviews from beauty influencers and YouTubers about the cheap clothing brand SHEIN. I decided to try it out for myself, so feel free to take my review into consideration next time you’re shopping for new clothes! SHEIN has a lot of trendy clothes that can help you curate a seasonal wardrobe for cheap. Read more


    4 Shopping Tips You Need to Know

    Shopping was and still is a pastime of mine, but as I prioritize what I want to spend my money on, I’ve cut back on mindless shopping significantly. Over the years I’ve picked up some helpful shopping tips that I know will help you save money. Read more


    No-Spend January 2018 Recap

    Hello, everyone! Last month I took part in my first “no-spend challenge” where I only bought necessities like personal care items, household items and food. My journey is as much my own as it is others’ because I want you to know that if I can cut back on my unnecessary spending, you certainly can! Read more


    5 Smart Ways to Save Money On Pet Purchases

    Dogs are expensive. A puppy is even more expensive because you’re making quite a few one-time purchases like crates, toys, puppy vaccines and more. I break down ways I save money, while still giving Summer all the stuff she needs and then some ;).

    Fast facts about Summer: 
    She’s an Australian-Shepherd/Beagle Mix.
    She was adopted from Petsmart during their adoption days on August 27, 2017! #iadopted
    She loves peanut butter flavored anything.

    Read more