5 Smart Ways to Save Money On Pet Purchases

Dogs are expensive. A puppy is even more expensive because you’re making quite a few one-time purchases like crates, toys, puppy vaccines and more. I break down ways I save money, while still giving Summer all the stuff she needs and then some ;).

Fast facts about Summer: 
She’s an Australian-Shepherd/Beagle Mix.
She was adopted from Petsmart during their adoption days on August 27, 2017! #iadopted
She loves peanut butter flavored anything.

Adopt Through Petsmart/Petco Charities

I’m not here to tell you to adopt and don’t shop because I think you should be able to own whatever pet you want from wherever as long as it’s from a reputable breeder and not a puppy mill. When my boyfriend and I adopted Summer, we also received a coupon book for various things from dog food to crates and so much more. And the coupons don’t expire until the end of this month. Petsmart also gifts you a free bag of dog food for adopting a dog through their program. Those coupons really helped us out when we bought the essentials: collar, leash, dog tag, food, toys and treats!

Shop at Discount Stores

When it comes to buying toys, treats and food bowls, I head to my nearest Ross, TJ Maxx or Marshalls. They have a great pet section that includes well-priced toys, treats and accessories for your pet! My mom and I found my dog a toy for $4.99 that lasted longer than any of her other toys I bought from Petsmart or Petco. There’s no reason to overpay for treats and toys, especially if your pup is anything like mine and goes through both like crazy.

Make Purchases Last

Instead of brushing Summer’s teeth everyday, I give her a brushing chew every other day, which extends the time I need to repurchase them. I prefer the brushing chews because she loves them and they’re just as effective as brushing her teeth without the hassle of using a finger toothbrush and toothpaste. One box of Milk-Bone Brushing Chews Dental Dog Treats for small breeds (25 to 49lbs) lasts me 56 days. I buy them at my local Petsmart for less than $15). Amazon sells the same size box for a similar price with Prime shipping, so that’s a great option, too! You just have to do some research to find which store has the best value for what you need.

Sign-up for Petsmart/Petco Loyalty Programs & Coupons

I’m a Petsmart PetPerks member, which is a free loyalty card similar to a CVS Card. I just give the cashier my phone number and my account is brought up. That’s how I’m able to save whenever you see a price tag with a special price for PetPerks members. They also have exclusive sales like 15 percent off your entire purchase! Along with being a Pet Perks member, I receive Petsmart’s marketing emails. I delete the ones I don’t need and flag the ones with coupons. I’ve received everything from 25 percent off a bag of food to $5 off $15 bag of dog food, toys and other valuable coupons.

Redeem Rebates & Earn Cashback With iBotta

Sometimes I’m able to save extra through iBotta. If you’ve never heard of iBotta, it’s this amazing cash back app! I’ve been able to receive 15 percent cash back on my Petsmart purchases as well as rebates for the brushing chews. And even though the rebate is only for $0.75 off, I believe every penny counts, especially on reoccurring purchases. If you haven’t already joined iBotta, use my link to sign up today! You’ll be able to start saving at Petsmart, Walmart, Target, and so many more stores. And the best thing about this particular rebate, it often renews and goes back into your rebates gallery so you can redeem it again. Just keep in mind that rebates are constantly changing, so sometimes you’ll score a 15 percent cash back on your total purchase rebate, so keep checking the app every so often!

These are just some of my tried and true methods for saving money since my boyfriend and I adopted our sweet puppy in August 2017! Do you have a pet? I’d love to know what kind of pet you have and how you save money on all its necessities!