5 Purchases Worth Every Penny

Lately, I’ve been assessing my belongings and finding things that I’m really glad I bought. I want to highlight some of my favorite finds with you!

Jewelry Polishing Cloth

I bought mine at Zales (similar) for less than $10. Sterling silver tarnishes over time, and boy am I thankful for this cleaning cloth. There are two layers to the cloth: silver and white cotton. The white fabric is used to clean off the tarnished areas, and the gray fabric is used to shine and polish the jewelry. It’s oddly satisfying when you’re cleaning your jewelry and see the white fabric take off all the tarnish. Recently, I noticed my Alex & Ani bracelets were looking brown and dull. After a good wipe down, they were sparkling like brand new.

Quality Leather Flip Flops

I’m on my second pair of Rainbow Flip Flops, and these are the best flip flops I’ve ever owned. Yes, they’re expensive ($45-$60), but they’re made of comfortable leather, and have good arch support for my rather flat feet. And they’re long lasting. I’ve had these for years, and even though the soles look worn and have an imprint of my foot, they’re not falling apart, and are still very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Credit Card Holder

I am obsessed with this rose gold cardholder wallet I bought myself from Urban Outfitters this year. It was only $9, and the best thing ever. I’m the type of girl who loves purses, but hates carrying one around, especially on date night or trips to the grocery store. I put my ID, credit card and insurance card in the slots and I am all set to go. This particular one sticks very well to my phone’s case, but it is starting to peel. There are many options though, just check out Amazon!

Quality Reusable Water Bottle

I’m not a big environmental advocate, but I do want to do my part in reducing waste, so I use reusable water bottles. I was using my Tervis one for about a year, but then the top cracked, and it leaked half the time anyway. I still have it, and it’s gorgeous, but not functional. My friend talked me into buying a Camelbak, and I am so thankful I listened to her. It’s the best water bottle, and even though I didn’t buy the double-walled one to prevent it from sweating; I use it everyday and I feel energized when I drink two full bottles a day.

Electric Toothbrush

A couple years ago I bought me and my boyfriend some Sonicare Series 2 toothbrushes from Target during Black Friday. There are usually coupons for Sonicare on Coupons.com right around the holidays, so you can expect to save $5 to $10 on replacement heads and toothbrushes. I think everyone should be brushing their teeth with an electric toothbrush and doesn’t matter if you’re an Oral-B or Sonicare fan.

What are some of the best things you’ve bought?