3 Chrome & Safari Extensions That Will Save You Money

If there’s one thing I need to cut back on, it’s online shopping, but when I do, at least I’m finding ways to save and make money. Here are some extensions for Chrome and Safari that I use to save money whenever I buy anything online.



I joined Ebates in December 2014 and have earned over $200 in cash back. Sign-up with my link below and start saving while you shop!* I love the ease of Ebates because once you install the Safari or Chrome extension, every time you visit a site eligible to earn cash back, a little pop up will appear in the upper right hand corner letting you know to activate your cash back. The page will refresh and as long as you don’t leave the page, you’ll earn the stated amount for your purchase. Another great feature is Ebates’ coupon code finder. The extension will automatically enter various promo codes to save you some money, and let you know which one gives you the most discounts. I used it when I created Once Upon a Shopaholic and saved quite a bit! Every three months, you’ll receive a “Big Fat Check” from Ebates via mail or into your Paypal account. Personally, I like my cash back to just automatically go into my Paypal account, which is great because even when I move and forget to update my address, which has happened more than once, I’ll still receive my cash back.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Mr. Rebates

I found this site through The Financial Diet, and it’s set up very similar to Ebates even down to the yellow and green logos. I like having another cash back site because not all stores give cash back through Ebates. For example, cash back isn’t available at Urban Outfitters online through Ebates, but is through Mr. Rebates. Sign-up using my link below and earn and extra $5 back when you make your first purchase!*

Mr. Rebates



This extension doesn’t give you rebates or cash back, instead you can set up sale or price alerts for various items on a variety of websites. If you’ve been eyeing a pair of jeans on ASOS, you can add it to Shoptagr to alert you when they go on sale, say 30% off, and when or if they go on sale, Shoptagr will send you an email. I’ve used it a couple of times and it’s really handy, especially for more splurge-worthy items. Sign-up!




*Disclaimer: Links are referral, which will help me run Once Upon a Shopaholic.