No-Spend January 2018 Recap

Hello, everyone! Last month I took part in my first “no-spend challenge” where I only bought necessities like personal care items, household items and food. My journey is as much my own as it is others’ because I want you to know that if I can cut back on my unnecessary spending, you certainly can!

This challenge was a little harder than I thought, but also easier in some other ways. I decided to stop indulging in overpriced skin care because with a little research I’m able to find high-quality products that are effective and for under $5 at times.

Things That Weren’t Essentials:

So, did I need to buy my dog a Kong Ball for $12 (which is on sale for less than $5 online???)? Yes and no. I could’ve opted for a cheaper toy, but I know and trust Kong products to last and my dog is one heck of a toy destroyer. I also might’ve spent $25 on Deciem, but hear me out; I needed new foundation and their Serum foundation is only $6.70 (my shade is 2.1Y). I also bought a Silicone Primer, 100% Organic Moroccan Argan Oil (for my mom), and a Caffeine Solution that supposedly helps with under eye puffiness. I’ll report back my findings on all of The Ordinary’s super affordable skincare and makeup. Oh, and I spent $11 on a moisturizer by Pacifica, when I could’ve gotten a cheaper one, but I’m trying to use more green beauty products, and this was on sale (reg. $16).

Foods That Weren’t Groceries:

My boyfriend and I had friends over at the beginning of the month, so needless to say we ate out a couple of times, and we might have dined at Citywalk in Universal Studios, but the seafood mac and cheese at Margaritaville was 200 percent worth it. And the rest of the month we ate out a good 7 times, but two times we paid with an Amex gift card, so those two times don’t actually count, right? And so I think that’s really where my problem with spending comes into play, I’m a sucker for food. Sometimes, I’m just not in the mood to cook dinner, so Taco Tuesdays sound really good.

Verdict On No-Spend Challenges:

I encourage everyone to try a no-spend week, month or even year, if you’re super ambitious! I’m going to keep focusing on buying only what I need, but not let myself feel guilty if I buy something to #treatmyself. I’m excited to watch my savings grow and put my money toward things that I truly want and not just want in the fleeting moment.

Has anyone tackled a no-spend challenge or interested in doing one? I’m going to keep up with spending more wisely because I want to challenge myself to be a savvy saver and savvy spender.

2 thoughts on “No-Spend January 2018 Recap

  1. I don’t know anyone who states they don’t spend enough!! The Lord knows I’ve wasted piles of money in my lifetime.
    Now though I want to buy quality rather than quanity.
    So organic clean food even if it means buying less food. Good quality clothes but less of them. Cooking utensils and pans, containers. Yes spend the money and get the best you can afford bc they will be with you for a long time.
    Certain things I don’t buy the best such as Paper products. Now bathing suits I consider a throw away item. So walmart will do.

  2. I agree! I’d rather dish out more money for quality items that will last much, much longer than constantly buying something that will have to be replaced soon. Walmart will always come in handy! Thanks for sharing your advice, Mom 😀

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