All the Savings

This page has a variety of coupons and codes for you to use to save money on purchases from clothing to food! I use these sites and apps regularly and wanted to share my savings with you!

Save 5% With a Target RedCard!

My RedCard has saved me 5% on all my purchases at Target since I joined in 2014. I really love receiving free shipping on all my online orders since that’s where I primarily shop. And the extra 30 days for returns comes in handy for those items that just didn’t quite work out.

Join My Team on iBotta!

I joined iBotta in 2014 and have made nearly $200 in cash back! You can redeem your cash back at $20 intervals to a Venmo, Paypal or a gift card to places like Sephora and Starbucks!

Shop at Brandless!

Brandless is a great company where everything is only $3!

Earn $10 with eBates!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

EBates has helped me earn over $220 since I joined in 2014. It’s great for online shopping, and they have an easy to install Safari and Chrome extensions, so you’ll never miss a cash back opportunity!

Earn an Extra $5 with Mr. Rebates!

Mr. Rebates is very similar to eBates and I just started saving on sites like Urban Outfitters! They also have a Safari extension.

Free $10 to Spend on Glasses at EyeBuyDirect!

I have two pairs of glasses through EyeBuyDirect for less than $30 each, and they have special blue light filter lens to counteract the blue waves from digital devices. I won’t buy glasses anywhere else because you can’t beat the price and quality of the ones from EyeBuyDirect.

Dollar Shave Club!

I pay $6 every 2 months for a 4-pack of 4-blade razors and they’re a game-changer. I’m saving money and having a close shave!

$5 Off Colourpop!

Colourpop sells affordable makeup that is seriously the best. My favorites are their super shock eyeshadows!

Use Code:CORALREEF-FTC9 for $20 off Birth Control with NURX!

You don’t need a prescription to order birth control through NURX. I used NURX for a three-month supply of the pill, but now I have Nexplanon. I still highly, highly recommend NURX for anyone who is on the pill!

Glossier Save 10% & Receive Free Shipping On Your First Order!

I really like Glossier’s serums and have personally used the Super Bounce one with hyaluronic acid!

American Eagle Save $30 off $100!

Local to the Orlando area? Check out my amazing hair stylist, Yanni Hu at Educe Salon!

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Find out your ancestry with 23andMe!

Me, my boyfriend and my mom and stepdad all had our DNA tested and it was incredibly interesting to find out more about our ancestry! I highly recommend 23andMe for anyone who’s even the bit curious.


Disclaimer: Some, not all links found throughout this blog are referral or affiliate, meaning I’ll receive a very small commission if you make a purchase using my links.