Purchases I Regretted Buying

I think it’s safe to say, we’ve all been caught up by a too-good sale once or twice and returned home with items we later discovered we wouldn’t ever use, or even liked.

$5 Black Booties

Last fall, I was snooping in the clearance section at Famous Footwear, when I came across some cute Steve Madden Girl booties (similar), on sale for $10. I happened to have a $5 coupon, so I figured, what a steal–name-brand booties for $5! I wore them maybe three times. They were so uncomfortable to wear even just to dinner. I ended up donating them to the Salvation Army this past summer. The moral here is, just because something is on sale, doesn’t necessarily mean you need to or should have it.

Fitbit Flex (First Gen)

A couple years ago, my friend got a Fitbit and I was so excited, I wanted one too. So, I bought myself a pink Fitbit Flex (Flex 2). We competed in those weekly challenges for a couple of months before I grew bored and ended up giving it away to my mom’s friend. I guess I should’ve seen my disinterest coming because I’m not someone who’s super into working out or anything. Things are different now because with my Fitbit Charge 2, I can track my heart rate and sleep, and I feel better knowing I’m being more proactive with my fitness and health.

Kate Spade Planner

Kate Spade is one of my favorite brands, so I was so excited when I bought my Black Stripe Planner 2016-2017. I used this for about half a year before I stopped using it all together. It was $30 when I bought it, and it was one purchase I’ll never forget because even though I didn’t get my money’s worth, I stopped spending money on super detailed planners, and instead found this great monthly planner from Mochi Things!

Have you spent money on something and then later regretted it? Comment below!