The Only 3 Credit Cards I Use & Why

Credit cards are something everyone should have and know how to use wisely. My mom signed me up for my first “college credit card” from Wells Fargo when I was still in high school. She’d let me buy gas and a couple random items and then she would pay it off for me. I know this isn’t something that all parents do, but this benefited me because it established my credit history at a younger age. All the cards I use have zero annual fees, which is important to look for when you’re signing up for your first credit card. And my advice would be signing up for a store credit card like Victoria’s Secret just to start you on the path to building credit. Don’t go crazy and max it out!

Cash Wise Visa (Through Wells Fargo)

I think everyone should have one of the main credit cards: MasterCard or Visa. My family’s always used Visas, so that’s why I chose it versus MasterCard. There really is no difference in terms of places they’re accepted. Now, my Visa gives me unlimited 1.5% cash back on all purchases, which is great considering I use it to pay bills and everyday purchases. I also have the chance to receive a $200 cash back bonus if I spend $1,000 within the first three months of having the card.

Discover Card

I primarily use my Discover Card for their 5% Bonus Cashback categories that rotate out every quarter. Check out their 2018 Cash back Calendar! I also use the Discover Deals, which will give you cash back at online stores if you log in using your account and connect to the site via Discover’s “Shop Now” button. Whenever I shop at Sephora online, I’m almost always able to receive 5% cash back. Another great feature of Discover is their double cash back incentive for new cardholders. My boyfriend signed up for a Discover card in 2015 and at the one year anniversary of his sign-up date, Discover matched the cash back he earned.

Target RedCard

As the name suggests, my RedCard is used at Target. I receive 5% off all purchases, free shipping on online orders (no minimum), and an extra 30 days for returns. There are also some other perks for cardholders throughout the year. I like my RedCard to separate my Target purchases, but I also know that I’ve gone a bit Target Run Crazy before, so sometimes I leave it at home.

Sign up today and start saving!

Are you already a RedCard holder? Let me know your favorite perk! If you’re thinking about joining, let me know if you have any questions I can answer 🙂

Disclaimer: Link is a referral, meaning I will receive cash back if you sign up for a card using my link.