4 Things I No Longer Buy

I’m someone who thought she didn’t have a spending problem, until I sat down and truly examined where my money was going. I’m working on curbing that bad habit and focusing on buying things that will bring me long-lasting happiness. Here are some on things I’m excited about not buying going into 2018 and beyond.

Books I’ll Only Read Once

I can read a book in a day and I devour YA (young adult) ones like they’re candy. I used to buy them on Amazon and would only buy a book if it was on sale for $10 or less. Even though I lived by that rule, I would still spend way too much money on a book that I often would never read again no matter how much I told myself I would. I now go to my local library and am able to find new releases that I can check out for two weeks at a time and can easily renew online. The library is close by and free, all you need is a valid driver’s license. Notice the header of this section; there are certain books like cookbooks and self-improvement books that I will spend money on because I know I will and have referred back to them. I don’t read as often as I used to, but I imagine I’ve saved over $100 by not buying books.

Expensive Beauty Items

Starting Dec. 1, 2017, I’ve decided to stop buying high-end beauty products from Sephora and other stores. I can easily and affordably buy my makeup basics from various drugstore brands. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve spent at Sephora over the years. While I am very interested in the latest trends and product releases, I don’t feel the need to buy into this consumer-based need to own all the makeup. To put things into perspective, I spent $378.75 at Sephora in 2016; I plan on spending, at most $100 in 2018 and that’s if I’m buying gifts for friends and family or if I have a gift card to spend on myself.

iCloud Storage

I’m an Apple techie all the way, but I found myself spending $0.99 every month for 50GB of iCloud storage. Now, $0.99 may not be a lot, but over the course of many years, the money can add up. I switched all my photos and files to Google Drive and Google Photos and life is great. My photos don’t take forever to load, and I don’t miss my files in the cloud aside from the ones I accidentally deleted during the transfer process. So by the end of 2018 I’ll have saved $13.86.

Monthly Subscription Boxes

I actually used to do this with Sephora Play Box and Ipsy. And while there are many beauty boxes, pet boxes, and just about anything you could ever want in a monthly subscription box, the amount of money easily adds up. I know that I would rather spend my money on other things like saving for a down payment on a house.

Are there things in your life you’ve recently stopped spending your money on? I’d love to hear in the comments!


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  1. Yes I’ve stopped spending money on clothes that don’t say WOW when I try them on. Also I just stay out of stores except for holidays of course!!!

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