3 Really Easy Ways to Start Saving Money Today

Keeping things simple can be the easiest way to make lasting changes. Here are three easy ways to start spending less and saving more!

Unsubscribe From Email Lists

I recently cleaned out my spam email account that I use for subscriptions and unsubscribed from stores I don’t shop at anymore. It was really refreshing to take my email off of so many tempting lists. I know how easy it is to receive a 50% off All New Items email and think, wow that’s a great deal, I should totally buy something! I’m a sucker for marketing tactics, so removing them from my immediate attention is a simple and effective way to avoid spending.

Delete Store Apps

Cleaning out all those store apps you don’t need in the first place also works to keep the temptation to shop at bay. I only keep my rebate apps and choice store apps. Again, I’m focusing on the idea of out of sight, out of mind.

Recycle or Toss Mail Coupons

I love coupons as much as the next person, but I also know all those fast food coupons and other coupons I receive in the mail weekly give me an excuse to go to Burger King or Arby’s. Depending on your preference, you should immediately recycle or throw away those mail coupons that will only try to make you spend your money.