5 Reasons You’re Unknowingly Tempted to Buy Things

There are a lot of things you do without thinking about them. Here are some ways you’re not consciously thinking about spending money, but do anyway.

You follow brands on social media

I’m guilty of this because who doesn’t want to be in the know about the latest product launches? I’ve started to unfollow some brands on social media, especially on Instagram because I know they’re just trying to get me to give them my money. Sure, I would love to be apart of that in crowd who has the latest brow product, but at least now I pay more attention to the ads.

You sign up for email marketing

It started off with a single 20 percent coupon, how did it end up like this? After dozens of marketing emails for pizza, weekly ads, and who knows what else, your inbox is filled with “TODAY ONLY” sales and coupons that you have to use because you won’t see those savings again. We’ve all been there and we’ve all been tempted to fill our carts with things we don’t need, but simply want and are pushed to buy.

You have push notifications turned on for apps

Many companies use push notifications to alert users of promotions and updates. One minute you’re playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and the next you’re wondering if you need another tube of mascara because you have rebate for $1 off the L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise. By the way, it’s a great mascara, but I digress. I recommend you turn off those push notifications so you won’t be reminded of a promotion that will put you in the buying mood.

You sign up for store credit cards

When you first signed up for your American Eagle credit card you were thinking to yourself, I’m just using it to save 25 percent on my purchase, today, I won’t use it again! Wrong. You’ll start receiving “cardholder only” emails and special promotions just for you, and you’ll be tempted to buy two more pairs of jeans and three tops that you didn’t need. Just say no.

You spend too much time with salespeople

They’re salespeople for a reason: their job is to sell you stuff whether you need it, want it or not. Now, I’m not saying you need to avoid them at all costs or be rude to them if they offer they offer you help. Thank them for their help and let them know you’ll find them if you need assistance. Keep things polite because no one wants to interact with a rude shopper.